Cash Remains Untouched, Leaving It Available For Other Uses Or Simply In Reserve.

Leasing Can Protect Credit Line Facilities So That They May Be Utilized For Other Profitable Purposes.

The Full Cost Of The Lease Payments Can Often Be Treated As An Expense Deduction For Tax Purposes. This May Result In A Larger Tax Deduction Which Increases Cash Flow. 

There Is No Down Payment Required As With Conventional Financing. Leasing Also Allows The Financing Of Soft Costs: Installation & Delivery Charges, Extended Warranties, Sales & Use Tax, Employee Training And Service Contracts.

Equipment Can Be Leased For A Considerably Longer Period Of Time, Affording A Much Lower Monthly Outflow Of Cash.

Leasing Offers Fixed Payments. There Are No Surprises As With Conventional Variable Rate Loans. Lease Payments May Also Be Structured To Fit Your Cash Flow Needs.

At The End Of Your Lease, You Have The Option To Return The Equipment If You No Longer Need Want Or Wish To Upgrade The Equipment. You May Then Update And Reevaluate Where Your Monthly Dollars May Be Spent.